Psychometric Assessments

We have access to a wide range of validated psychometric tools measuring Personality, Ability, Motivation, Reasoning Skills, and Managerial Judgement. As a Partner of SHL, we have thorough experience of applying the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) and Verify suite of assessments across multiple roles and industries.

As well as reducing time and cost associated with recruitment through online objective assessment, these assessments can form the foundations of team building and leadership development programs. In development situations, we can provide standard 360 degree feedback assessments or design bespoke 360 degree feedback solutions to suit your organisation’s desired behaviours and outcomes. 

Our expertise in designing bespoke capability frameworks provides us with the flexibility and know-how to effectively tailor capability or competency based assessment reports to reflect your context. We can also add simulation exercises such as role-plays and presentations into the process for greater depth of assessment. Interpreted reports and feedback from a psychologist ensure clear and relevant communication and insights, whether it is for candidates, managers or HR.


Executive Assessment

Our comprehensive assessment service is designed to assist you to select or develop senior managers and executives. As objective experts, we help you minimise the risks of making unsubstantiated decisions around executive or high-risk roles responsible for large budgets or leading employees as these can be of great detriment to an organisation’s success and reputation. 

Following a thorough scoping process, incorporating personality questionnaires, ability tests, competency-based interviews, a range of simulation exercises (e.g. presentations and coaching, customer or stakeholder role plays) and targeted feedback, our assessments provide a broad and objective view of a person’s suitability and ‘fit’ for a role. Assessments are conducted by an objective, highly qualified, and experienced assessment specialist.

Assessment & Development Centres

We can provide a complete range of assessment and development centre design and delivery services including role analysis and competency and assessment matrix design, assessor training, exercise selection (or design of bespoke activities), psychometrics, structured behavioural interviews, HR or line manager feedback, candidate feedback, and ongoing coaching. 

We offer a flexible approach, with a tailored process to suit your organisation’s objectives, regardless of whether the centre is for selection or development, or for operator or executive roles. 

Well designed assessment and development centres are the most effective way to identify or develop high performing individuals for key roles, and are an efficient way of assessing and narrowing down large volumes of candidates, by integrating multiple assessments and activities to simulate the actual work environment.